Advance UV Systems Pty. Ltd

Advance UV Systems Pty. Ltd. designs, develops, manufactures and services and a diverse range of ultraviolet systems including WaterMark certified UV units. We are authorized distributors for validated UV units and silver-ion filters from Aquafides Katadyn, Switzerland.

We also supply UV lamps, electronic UV ballasts, quartz thimbles, UV intensity sensors, UV monitors, and miscellaneous UV spares like O rings, quartz tube wiper rings & gaskets for our own and most common UV brands used in Australian, New Zealand and Oceania markets.

Our team comprises qualified engineers and UV technologists with a few decades experience and proven track record in the Australian UV market.

Our Sydney warehouse stocks an extensive inventory of high quality replacement UV lamps, UV bulbs, quartz thimbles, UV sensors, wiper rings for our own and various other brands of ultraviolet disinfection systems including but not limited to UV-Guard*, Wedeco*, Xylem*, Wedeco AVP*, Australian Ultra-violet Products (Mfg) Co*., Sterilight*, Davey*, Steriflo*, R-Can*, Trojan*, Atlantic Ultraviolet*, American Ultraviolet*, Hanovia*, ATG UV*, Prominent*, Bewades*, BWT*, etc.

We have proven expertise and extensive experience servicing and troubleshooting these ultraviolet systems and UV lamps.

Above all, we take pride in our customer service and ability to solve our customers’ disinfection problems.

Contact us today to get expert recommendations and efficient service for your specific requirement of UV Lamps.