Advance ADV-F™ Series

Advance ADV-F™ Series: Large Industrial Water Disinfection 15m3/hr (250lpm) to 300+m3/hr (5,000lpm) and above
Advance ADV-F Series is ideal for reliable disinfection performance for a high flow rate (above 15m3/hr or 250LPM) industrial and municipal water disinfection applications.

ADV-F Series is the preferred choice of veteran water treatment professionals for its robust build quality and long term hassle free performance backed by knowledgeable application advice from an experienced team.

ADV-F Series is uses robust quality SS316 electro-polished UV reactors with removable flanged ends, high performance amalgam UV lamps matched with tuned electronic ballasts and turbulent flow design in single or multiple lamp reactor configuration to deliver reliable disinfection performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable disinfection performance
  • UV dose modeling software based design
  • Z configuration uniform UV dose distribution
  • Hydraulically optimized design for maximum water turbulence
  • WaterMark Level1 certified (Certificate No: ISC-WM030024-I01-R00)
  • Non-chemical, no residues, no change to water chemistry
  • Very economical (typical disinfection cost is below fraction of a cent per litre of water)
  • Robust quality for long life, trouble free operation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Single or multiple lamp UV reactors
  • High performance monochromatic ultraviolet lamps with peak wavelength at 254nm
  • Tuned electronic ballasts
  • High %UVT quartz thimbles
  • Custom units available