Food & Beverage Water Disinfection

Breweries, wineries, soft drink bottling plants, dairies and bottled water plants use water as a direct raw material and for other uses like washing equipment, beverage containers etc.

Water for beverages must be protected from microbial contamination and ultraviolet disinfection offers many advantages for beverage water disifneciton.

  • Reliable disinfection: No microorganism is known to resist adequate UV dose delivered correctly.
  • No change to taste or smell: UV disinfection doesn’t change water chemistry, taste or smell of water.
  • No corrosion: As UV doesn’t change water chemistry, there is no risk of pitting corrosion of stainless steel pipelines in food & beverage plants.
  • Online monitoring: UV intensity hence UV dose is easily monitored online, with potential for data logging to demonstrate the UV disinfection process parameters.
  • Inexpensive: UV disinfection offers unbeatable value for money in terms of long term total cost of ownership compared to disinfection performance.


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