At our Sydney warehouse we stock an extensive range of UV disinfection lamps and ozone generating UV lamps for our own and various other brands of ultraviolet disinfection systems including but not limited to UV-Guard*, Wedeco*, Wedeco AVP*, Australian Ultra-violet Products (Mfg) Co*., Sterilight*, R-Can*, Trojan*, Aquafides*, etc.

We have proven expertise and extensive experience servicing and troubleshooting these ultraviolet systems and UV lamps.

Our stock of UV lamps includes Low Pressure UV Lamps, Low Pressure High Output (LPHO) UV Lamps, Amalgam UV Lamps and Medium Pressure UV Lamps for a wide range of specifications.Contact us today to get expert recommendations and efficient service for your specific requirement of UV Lamps.

In addition, we can also supply matching electronic UV ballasts,magnetic UV ballasts, quartz thimbles / quartz tubes /quartz sleeves and O rings to be used with these UV lamps.

Contact us today to get expert recommendations and efficient service for your specific requirement of UV Lamps.

UV-Guard* UV Lamp Replacements

We carry extensive stock of high quality UV Guard replacement UV lamps e.g.

UV Guard 11020
UV Guard 11030
UV Guard 11040
UV Guard 11040
UV Guard 11074
UV Guard 11080
UV Guard 11125
UV Guard 11160
UV Guard 11172
UV Guard 11248
UV Guard 11440
UV Guard 12400-RW
UV Guard 12350
UV Guard 12250
UV Guard 12400
UV Guard 12350-RW
Wedeco Aquada UV Lamp Rated Power Aquada UV Lamp Length Wedeco Aquada Quartz Sleeve Replacement NLR1579 W WS / Wedeco 37085 WS / Wedeco 37085 WS / Wedeco 37087 XLR-5 XLR-10 / Wedeco 40387 XLR-20 WLR-20 XLR-30 SLR-32143 32143 ELR-30
Sterilight* UV Lamp Replacements / R-Can* UV Lamp Replacements UV Lamp Replacements / RCan UV Lamp Replacements / Viqua* UV Lamp Replacements Power UV Lamp / RCan UV Lamp / Sterilight UV Lamp Length Quartz Sleeve / RCan Quartz Sleeve / Sterilight Quartz Sleeve Replacement
S212RL 10W 212mm 23x20x254mm Open
S287RL 14W 287mm 23x20x330mm Open
S330RL 15W 330mm 23x20x375mm Open
S330ROL 15W 330mm 23x20x375mm Open
S463RL 28W 463mm 23x20x502mm Open
S463ROL 28W 463mm 23x20x502mm Open
S810RL 38W 810mm 23x20x845mm Open
S36RL 40W 843mm 23x20x889mm Open
S36ROL 40W 843mm 23x20x889mm Open
S64RL 65W 1554mm 25x22x1638mm Open
S64ROL 65W 1554mm 25x22x1638mm Open
S8RL 40W 843mm 25x22x892mm Domed
S100RL-HO 15W 192mm 23x20x232mm Domed
S150RL-HO 24W 242mm 23x20x282mm Domed
S200RL-HO 28W 294mm 23x20x332mm Domed
S200RL-HW 28W 294mm 23x20x332mm Domed
S320RL-HO 39W 414mm 23x20x452mm Domed
S410RL-HO 45W 505mm 23x20x542mm Domed
S410RL-HW 47W 505mm 23x20x542mm Domed
S410-HO-ROL 45W 505mm 23x20x542mm Domed
S600RL-HO 60W 694mm 23x20x732mm Domed
S740RL-HO 80W 834mm 23x20x872mm Domed
S950RL-HO 100W 1043mm 23x20x1082mm Domed
S950RL-HW 100W 1043mm 23x20x1082mm Domed
S36RL-AM 140W 843mm
S64RL-AM 260W 1554mm
Trojan* UV Lamp Replacements
UV lamp 45W Trojan UVMax Replacement
UV lamp 90W Trojan UVMax Replacement
UVPure* UV Lamp Replacements
UV Pure 10-75 H13 Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement
UV Pure 10-50 H15 Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement
UV Pure 15-50 30-75 Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement
Other common Ultraviolet Lamp Replacements
GPH212T5L/4 10W 150212-4P-1E
GPH287T5L/4 14W 150287-4P-1E
18W 2G11 U style
18W 2G11 U style ozone
20W 150287-4P-1E O3
UV lamp 20W 150250-4P-1E
20W 150250-4P-1E O3
GPH357T5VH/4 22W 150357-4P-1E
UV lamp 26W 150436-2P-2E
UV lamp 26W 150436-4P-1E
UV lamp 30W 150515-4P-1E
UV lamp 35W 150700U-1P-2E ozon
UV lamp 40W 150845-1P-2E Bulle
UV lamp 40W 150845-4P-1E
UV lamp 40W 150845-4P-1E Ozone
55W G48T5L 2P single end
TUV55WHO T8 for BWT80W
UV lamp 65W 151554-4P-1E
Katadyn K64
TUV75WHO T8 for BWT100W
UV lamp 80W 150845-4P-1E
UV lamp 80W 190845-4P-1E
UV lamp 105WAP 150843-4P-1E
Wyckomar RL110/1197T5
UV lamp 120W 191150-4P-1E
UV lamp 127WAP 190845-4P-1E
UV lamp 150W 381175-4P-1E
UV lamp 150W ozone
165W 191100-4P-1E BWT200W
UV lamp 172WAP 190845-4P-1E
UV lamp 180WAP 191190-4P-1E
UV lamp 180WAP 191190-4P-1E Oz
UV lamp 240WAP 191190-4P-1E
UV lamp 450WAP 311335-4S-1E
Medium Pressure (MPUV) UV Lamps

We can supply a wide range of high quality medium pressure UV lamps including medium pressure UV lamps with flying leads, medium pressure UV lamps with return wires, medium pressure UV lamps with custom connectors, single ended UV lamps, double ended ultraviolet lamps, etc.
Advance UV range includes medium pressure UV lamps to suit medium pressure electronic ballasts and medium pressure magnetic (transformer) ballasts.
Examples include

UV lamp 1.5kW double end MB
UV lamp 1.5kW single end MB
UV lamp 2.1 kW double end MB
UV lamp 2.5kW double end MB
UV lamp 2.5kW single end frame
UV lamp 3.5kW double end MB
UV lamp 3.5kW single end MB
UV lamp 4.0 kW double end EB
UV lamp 4.0 kW single end EB
UV lamp 5kW double end MB
UV lamp 7kW double end MB
UV lamp 8.0 kW double end
UV lamp 10kW double end MB
UV lamp 12.0 kW double end EB

Don’t find what you are looking for? Please contact us by calling (02) 9896 1165 or Fax (02) 9896 4465 or email and we will certainly do our best to help you as we are continuously updating our inventory of ultraviolet lamps.


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